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I woke up this morning, and did my usual routine of rubbing my eyes and fumbling around for my phone.


Open Facebook, lets see if there's something new.

That's when I spotted it. Battlefield is running it's marketing campaign for revealing bits and pieces of BF4. I was wondering what would be available for my greedy battlefield-hungry eyes today.


The 17-minute long gameplay video was live. After about three mintues in, my girlfriend walked in and asked me what I was doing. "The new gameplay video for Battlefield 4 is live". She immediately dropped what she was doing and joined me.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that they somehow managed to get the graphics even better. The video was super-crisp. The explosions were more natural. But action seemed like the good old Battlefield 3. Considering this is campaign, I'll give it to the developers that this little 17-minute segment was beautiful. I enjoyed every bit of it.


I spotted many new things that I very much enjoyed. The new HUD looks wonderful yet minimal and out of the way. Event triggers like the door pings that you see to open doors looked nice and minimal. Maybe I can hope for openable doors in multiplayer, but that is highly unlikely. I also very much enjoyed the ability to control AI, as seen in the video, where the character ordered the helicopter they would hopefully eventually extract with to fire upon armored vehicles. This feature is quite needed, as many games have this, and it is finally being implemented in Battlefield. I don't know how much you guys replay the campaigns in games, but I do so from time to time, and having no way to communicate to the programmed AI, like I do in Army of Two or other games, makes for a slightly cold experience.

Battlefield loves to make things blow up. This started with bad company, I believe, where they decided to start showing how magnificent their engine is by making some really beautiful explosions and causing some architectural havoc (Battlefield 3 trailer had a large building collapse onto the player). Seeing the character fire a grenade into the attack helicopter, and seeing a smoke-stack fall right in front of the character gave an exhilarating experience - the kind I get when I'm driving the HMMWW past the antenna when a team is at 5 tickets till being defeated and I hear the tension cables snap, with the tower collapsing.


I'm hoping to see more of this in the multiplayer of BF4. But considering they're using Frostbite 3.0, I'll have enough building to keep my destructive needs occupied. From the video, I saw that 4 corners of the first floor of a building were demolished, and the building toppled. I'd love to think that once multiplayer comes along, C4ing corners of a building simultaneously with squadmates will do more damage than destroy the corners.

One of my favorite bits that I noticed was the side-ironsight when the character was firing out of a building, covering a squad-mate. I like the idea of this. I enjoy iron-sighting more than anything. I hate scopes. I don't use them unless totally necessary. I've even dabbled in sniping without a scope, which can only get you so far in extreme distances. Iron-sights will forever be a love, and the side-sight is something that I am really interested in.


Having read an article on the Examiner, my thirst has been quenched a bit. Being a dire fan, I purchased Battlefield as a Digital Deluxe edition, giving me Premium rights right away(when they eventually started calling it that). This gives me beta rights, and I will sure as hell be posting more of BF4 once I get to play it, as well as when I read more about it.

Anyone interested, my callsign in BF3 is AcidHappy. Feel free to join me ingame!

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